The Seventh Amendment to the Bylaws


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The Residential Board of Directors is recommending an amendment to the Bylaws, the other set of governing documents for the residential association. I promise to give you the short and sweet version…keep reading.

The Bylaws help establish how the association conducts business. It addresses things like how the Board of Directors get elected, how the association maintains records, and even who is considered a member of the association. It basically sets the framework for how things are run. Got it? Of course you do!

Now, before I explain why the Residential Board wants your vote FOR the Seventh Amendment, let me take one second to remind you that these documents were written back when puffy sleeves and neon pink were cool, the first time…before Lady Gaga.

A vote FOR the Seventh Amendment to the Bylaws would reduce the voting requirement necessary to make the much needed updates to policies that don’t reflect our society today. (think stone-washed denim versus dark wash denim)Where concepts like solar panels and rain barrels may have gotten blank stares, they are a common topic of discussion nowadays. A lower voting requirement will allow the Residential Board of Directors to responsibly adapt to change and address errors in documents written so long ago.

Lowering the voting requirement is not a free for all. It specifically permits the number of votes required to update a limited scope of provisions to go from approximately 3800 votes to less than 400 votes. The current language for the Bylaws concerning the voting requirement, Section 12.01, can be found here. The language for the proposed amendment is available to review here. The Residential Board of Directors supports this amendment. Please join them with a vote FOR the Seventh Amendment.

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The Thirteenth Amendment to the CC&R’s

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The Residential Board of Directors is recommending an amendment to the CC&R’s, a set of governing documents for the residential association. What is that? I’m so glad you asked!

Affectionately known as Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the CC&R’s “govern” or direct the board regarding the property or land that is Valley Ranch. They are basically the rules of the neighborhood. Most of the time, the rules make sense and are easy to accept. Other times, not so much.

Presently Section 9.05(e) has a commercial use limitation. For the sake of hoping that you are still reading, I will give you the short version. But if you are really enthusiastic, you can read the current language here. The restrictions that are outlined for Estate Owners (and apartment tenants) that ‘telecommute or otherwise work from a virtual office’ don’t serve our generation of residents that are entrepreneurs in their own right and many by their own sweat. This rule doesn’t fit and we need to your help to update it.

A vote FOR the Thirteenth Amendment to the CC&R’s would remove the prohibition of home business activity other than telecommuting. The language for the Thirteenth Amendment can be found here.The Residential Board of Directors supports this amendment to update the documents. Please join them with a vote FOR the Thirteenth Amendment.

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Prizes Worth Voting For?

We didn’t resort to negative campaign ads, and we haven’t hired private detectives; but the Residential Board of Directors is offering voting incentives. The incentives are designed to increase overall engagement in the election process and the percentage of voters. It’s just that important.

The Valley Ranch Association has governing documents that were drafted in the 1980’s. While that wasn’t all that long ago, it’s been long enough that rules that worked then, don’t necessarily work now. We need to update them to match emerging trends, to stay in tune with changing times. The only way that can happen is with your vote. It’s just that important.

This election will also seat 2 new directors to the Residential Board. This board largely influences the experience for the residents. Solid leadership, sound decision-making, and innovative thinking are all needed to continue moving Valley Ranch forward. The candidates need your vote. The future of Valley Ranch needs your vote. It’s just that important.

So, yes. It’s so important, that the Residential Board is offering the opportunity to take home some cool prizes. The prizes alone aren’t meant to make the difference in how you vote. Only you can do that. We just want you to vote. Be engaged in the process. Be a part of the decision. Be a part of the future of Valley Ranch. It’s just that important.

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Your Guide to Vegas Night Fun!

vegas night1

We are counting down to a legendary Vintage Vegas Night and wanted to share the insider’s scoop! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Let’s kick it up a notch!  Evening/Cocktail attire is required.
  • The registration table opens at 6:30 p.m.
  • Tickets at the Door are $35 per person.  Cash or Check only.
  • The gaming floor and live band open at 7:00 p.m.
  • Additional ‘funny money’ can be purchased, $5.00 per $500.00. Cash only.
  • Random door prizes will be awarded throughout the night.
  • Choose wisely!  Grand prizes are non-transferable.  You win it – you take it!
  • The chip-to-ticket exchange rate is one grand prize ticket for every $5,000.00 in chips. For example, a person cashing in less than $5,000.00 will be given one ticket to enter into the grand prize drawing.  A person cashing in $5,001.00 – $10,000.00 will be given two tickets.  And so on…

The high-end Grand Prizes include items like a weekend hotel stay with gift card, luxury wine of the month series, iPad mini 3, deluxe spa package, and more! You seriously don’t want to miss this!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Omni Mandalay at Las Colinas

7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

This annual event is brought to you by the Valley Ranch Master Board and the following sponsors:

Sponsor Banner

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Proper Tree Pruning: Handouts

Hands are cut bush clippers

This first time class taught by consulting arborist, Steve Houser was said to be very informative, high quality, and knowledgeable!

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Below are the handouts that were discussed during the Proper Tree Pruning class.

Happy Trimming!

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Taste of Ranchview

Purchase tickets at!

Taste of Ranchview

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What’s Abe Got To Do With It?

While Abraham Lincoln didn’t write the governing documents for the Valley Ranch Association, he might as well have!

For a community constructed in the early 1980’s, Valley Ranch has maintained its beauty, charm, and appeal. Trees have matured, home exteriors have been painted and interiors have been remodeled, and now new construction is a part of its landscape. All of these things help maintain property values and make Valley Ranch an attractive place to live.

But there is this “thing.” It can weigh up to about 10 lbs and be really cumbersome to navigate. It has magic powers…much like a sleeping potion. It lulls unsuspecting victims to sleep in a matter of minutes and can daze and confuse the sharpest among us. What is this thing? The Association’s governing documents.

The community and it’s governing documents are both circa 1983. The only difference is that while the community has evolved, the governing documents have not. They’re stuck and need your help! The Residential Board supports updating the amendments on the ballot. Do you?

Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws: Seventh Amendment to the Bylaws

Proposed Amendment to the CCRs: Thirteenth Amendment to the CCRs

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