Let’s Celebrate!

Community Spotlight

Way to go!! Congratulations!! How precious!! That’s Amazing!!

We know you’re amazing, Valley Ranch. We want to celebrate and cheer with you! Give us your good news and let us share it.

Please send your good news to lifestyle@valleyranch.org and include appropriate photos and background information. All submissions and final edits are subject to Board approval.

Please respond by July 24.

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Tell Us Valley Ranch!

Would You Rather

The Valley Ranch lifestyle offers a variety of opportunities for families to meet up, get to know one another and create new memories. In an effort to bring that same energy and experience to our adult residents, tell us would you rather attend…

1. “Boo Bash” Adult Halloween Party?
2. “Mingle & Mistletoe” Holiday Social?
3. Valley Ranch Amateur Comedy Night?
4. Send us your suggestion!

Email us at lifestyle@valleyranch.org or by phone 972-869-1430.

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Popsicle Parade (BLOG) - June 24pub

In celebration of summer and all things patriotic, we are having a parade! Not just any parade, a POPSICLE PARADE!!

Join us for popsicles and sparklers at our park parade along Cumberland Park Trail.

                                                                  Thursday, July 2                                                                      6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Our decoration station will be stocked with patriotic trimmings to make your bike, trike, wagon, or YOU parade-worthy in no time! So come early to decorate and bring the whole family out to Cumberland Park to enjoy a sweet treat, fun music, and the cutest little parade you have ever seen! Remember to bring your lawn chairs and/or blankets.

Event Schedule: 6:30 p.m. – Check in, Bounce around and Decorate!                                                                        7:30 p.m. – Parade Walk

*Popsicles and Water provided while supplies last                                                                 *This is a pet-friendly event.

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Thank you for spending A Day with Dad!

Along with catfish and bass, the ponds were filled with smiles and laughter throughout the day as Dads and Grandfathers reeled in some quality time with their loved ones. Families enjoyed kite flying, fishing, outdoor sports and fishing/water safety demos presented by the Denton Bass Pro Club. 

To our vendors Coach SLim Snowcones, We Cater Paradise, Ivy Montessori Academy Irving, Bass Pro Shops – Grapevine, TX, Bass Pro Shops – Denton, TX, Fast Signs, Shady Wood Feed & Garden, Balloons To You, The Home Depot, Kite Mobile, Can Doo Chem Services, and Lake Management, thank you for your services. You are truly appreciated.  

Visit our Flickr page to view all photos from the event here. IMG_5880IMG_5997IMG_5968IMG_5753

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A Day with Dad

 A Day with Dad - May 27 pub

Spending a day with dad has never been so fun, especially when you’re in Valley Ranch!

Stop by the Valley Ranch table to check in, and receive your ticket for Coach Slim’s snowball or Dippin Dots ice cream. The Valley Ranch Association will also hand out tickets to raffle (2) $25 Home Depot gift cards.

Let the fun begin with kite flying, fishing, sports, and sidewalk chalk. Remember to bring cash if you would like to purchase a kite. The Valley Ranch table will not provide kites. Get the hook up on water safety, baiting, and casting by the Bass Pro Club. Don’t miss it!

The fun continues with an old-fashioned game of tug-of-war! Be sure to bring your gloves to handle the rope. All this and so much more when you spend a day with dad!


9 a.m.: Check in

  • Sign in at the Valley Ranch table to receive your ticket for ice cream or a snowball.
  • Fishing poles and live bait will be available on a first come, first served basis. Bring your on pole. (BYOP)
  • Kites for sale! Remember to bring cash to purchase kites!

10 – 10:20 a.m.: Bass Pro Club/Drawings

  • The Bass Pro Club will discuss water safety, how to fish, and bait
  • The Valley Ranch team will draw for (2) Home Depot gift cards.

11:20 a.m.: Tug-Of-War

  • Tug – Of -War game beings! (3) players per team.

 12 p.m.: Event Ends  

  • Feel free to leave at your leisure.
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Road Trip to Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting -Blog post May 28 editedBreaking the mold and doing something different can be fun. It’s even more fun with friends!

Join the Valley Ranch lifestyle team for a new wine experience and travel to Sloan & Williams Winery in Grapevine for a night of wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres and wine ice cream. Yes…wine ice cream! 

Ticket prices are $15 per person, and you don’t even have to drive! Round-trip ground transportation is provided and will depart from the Valley Ranch Association office(see schedule below). The first (15) registrants will be entered into a drawing for a date night for two ($50 value) at Sloan & Williams.

Come break the mold with us! It won’t be nearly as much fun without you. Register now!


Registration ends tomorrow, Friday, May 29th at 3:00 p.m.


5:30 – 6:00 p.m.: Check-in at Valley Ranch Association Office

6:15 p.m.:         Departure to Sloan & Williams Winery

7:00 p.m.:         Sloan & Williams Winery

9:15 p.m.:         Departure to Valley Ranch Association Office

*All prices are final. All sales are final. 

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Treating Weeds

Treating Weeds No Text

Weeds are an unsightly plant for us all. We pull, and pluck, but still no luck! Thankfully, Lowe’s has some insightful tips on how to control and reduce these deeply rooted plants.

First things first -recognizing types of weeds. A weed is any plant that is wildly growing and using resources on or around ground cultivated for a desired crop. Simply, a plant that is growing where it is not wanted. There are three types of weeds:

Broadleaf Dandelion


Grassy Crabgrass


Grass-like Wild Onion

grasslike onion

Weed seeds subsists in all lawns and gardens, and spread for a multitude of reasons. They can circulate by wind, water, animals, soil amendments, poor quality grass seed and lawn and garden equipment.

Promote your coveted plants by planting the desired vegetation in the best environment. Proper location will better control weeds. Still, there are a variety of lawn and garden conditions that will prevent plants from growing, while increasing the potential for weed development. These include: incorrect watering, improper fertilization, soil compaction, insect damage, disease, poor drainage, improper sunlight, and excessive water on a lawn.

It is vital to mow the grass at the proper height. Mowing the lawn too short will lessen the ability for grass to shade the soil from sunlight, therefore increasing the potential for weed germination.

Removing weeds by hand or with garden tools is the safest, and most environmentally friendly way to control weeds. Hera are a few simple tips to “stay out of the weeds”:

  • Address a weed as soon as it appears.
  • Pull from the base, lifting as much root of the weed as possible.
  • For large weeds, such as thistles and dandelions; use a garden fork, spike or slim trowel. Keep the hole as small as possible. Place the  end close to the weed’s base and plunge it deep into the ground.
  • Loosen the surrounding soil and grab the weed under its crown to pull out the entire root.

For large lawns and gardens, it may not be effective to pull weeds by hand. Using herbicides will provide total control of weeds. Closely follow the herbicide manufacturer’s instructions, including safety, clothing, protective gear, storage and disposal. Always wear gloves. Be sure to use the appropriate amount of herbicide to prevent build up in standing water that will harm the environment.

Build on your knowledge of  controlling weeds by implementing a weed control schedule into your annual routine. Determine in the late Spring, during the middle of growing season, which weeds have come back and repeat weed killer application or remove weeds with herbicide or by hand.

With these tips you are sure to be the best landscaper and gardener in Valley Ranch! Till next time…

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