Community Standards Reminder

reminder2Community Standards has noticed an increase in trampolines being installed throughout Valley Ranch. Remember to submit an application for approval before installing any play equipment. Please refer to the Residential Design Guidelines Section 4.14 below:

“No trampolines or any portion of the trampoline (including safety nets or other such devices) shall be approved that is greater than 10’6” in height. Any equipment must be submitted for approval to the Architectural Review Committee.

Safety nets, must be brown, black, or a neutral color with the supports painted in a neutral color. The top railing must also be of a neutral color (examples: dark green or blue). All trampoline equipment shall be a minimum of 4’ from property lines and located only within rear and side yards.

Fence must be raised to 8 feet. If necessary, trees must be planted to screen from Public View.

All trampoline equipment shall be well maintained and in good repair.”

Thank you for helping make Valley Ranch a beautiful place to live.

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