Smarter Gardening in Valley Ranch

Valley Ranch Irving

By dirt girl (aka Deb Eveland)

It is abundantly clear that North Central Texas has droughts. Future landscapes will undoubtedly be forced to design accordingly. By selecting low water use plants, you will conserve a precious resource as well as savings on your water bill.

Dawn Stover: “Plant choices play an important role in saving water. Oddly enough, replacing turf grass with garden beds can reduce water use by nearly 60 percent. Planting trees will not only reduce water use, but will also help reduce home cooling costs. Native and adapted plants for your climate will thrive with little supplemental irrigation. Get to know the plants that thrive in your local soil and with the annual rainfall you receive. Group plants with similar water requirements together, and try to place them in suitable microclimates within the landscape.”

Texas SmartScape utilizes xeriscaping principles but goes beyond the basics by providing design, care, and plant search tools that are “smart” for North Central Texas. Texas SmartScape promotes using landscaping plants, shrubs, grasses and trees that are native or adapted to our regional climate and local conditions. The ultimate goal is to conserve local water supplies and improve storm water runoff quality by reducing the amount of water needed to maintain landscapes while decreasing the amount of pesticides, fertilizer, and herbicides used in landscaping practices.

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