Architectural Review Committee Process

Spring is around the corner and the association office is starting to see an increase in requests for Architectural Reviews. Please keep in mind that any changes to the exterior of your home will need approval by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). These changes can include, but are not limited to, fence replacements, fence staining, painting your home, roof changes, window changes, additions like pergolas or arbors, swimming pools, landscape changes, removal of trees or addition of trees, and mailbox changes. The committee is made up of a Residential Association appointment, a Commercial Association Appointment and an architect hired by the Master Board. Keep the following in mind when submitting:

  • The committee meets every other Thursday
  • Fully completed submissions must be into the office by 5:00pm on Wednesday the week prior to the meeting

Staff is here to help you with your submittals and to be sure they are complete before going to the ARC. Any incomplete submittals can be denied for lack of information. If staff asks for additional information, it is only to assist you in getting through the submittal process. The application is online at and checklists are included with the application for certain types of submittals.

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