From the Archive – Losing History – Original Valley Ranch

The following article is by Tony Koste, a long-time resident of Valley Ranch. This article was recently published in The Dallas Morning News.

When I moved to Texas in 1989 the southern entrance to Valley Ranch was marked by two of these attractive brick pylons, one on each side of MacArthur Boulevard. Each stately monument featured “Valley Ranch” carved into a stone quatrefoil and a stone finial on top. Graceful brick wing walls buttressed the pylons. The entries to many of the best neighborhoods around the country are marked by such monuments. The Valley Ranch monuments were evidence of the developer’s aspirations for Valley Ranch.

First, the pylon on the west side of MacArthur came down after they built the apartments on the hill. Then the one on the east side came down when they widened MacArthur in 1997-98.

I miss them. I’d like to see them rebuilt just as they were, on both sides of MacArthur or perhaps a larger, solitary one, modeled after the originals, could be built in the median.

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One Response to From the Archive – Losing History – Original Valley Ranch

  1. Jennifer Hibdon says:

    Valley Ranch was such a beautiful and small pocket community back in the early 1990s. While population growth can be good, it’s sad to have Valley Ranch lose its small-town feel through over development. Especially difficult is seeing land developed and businesses turn over every couple of years.

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