ARC Submission Fees

Submission Fee Schedule Valley Ranch Associations

Residential and Multifamily

Subdivision Plans and Site Plans

Includes all residential classifications of single family homes, town homes, condominiums and apartments. Covers complete review of project plans other than builder plans, including site plans, engineering plans, landscape plans, etc.

• Initial Submittal $2.00 per lot/unit with $1,000 that includes one replat review

• Additional Replats $500

Builder Plans

Includes the review of architectural floor plans, elevations, plot plans, and materials.

• Production Homes $110

• Re-submission $110

• Custom Residential Homes $500

Site Review

Includes on site inspection and processing for all new sales and resales.

• Certificate of Compliance $75

• Certificate of Non-Compliance $150   (Includes one re-inspection)


• Pool, Spa (addition) $100 $1,000 (Refundable Deposit)

• Landscape $50

• Exterior Elevation Modification / Addition $200 (Includes one re-submittal)

(Includes arbors, patio covers, pergolas, etc.)

• Paving Modification $50

• Paint (change of current color) $50


• Site Signage $250

• Landscape (not including seasonal plants) $500

• Monument Sign $200

• Paint $200

If a special meeting is requested, a fee of $1000.00 will apply.

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