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As President of the Valley Ranch Residential Board, Steve explains why it is important to vote FOR all three propositions. Watch more videos in the Voting Center, or on the new Valley Ranch Channel on YouTube. Learn why residents just like you have already voted FOR all three propositions.

Proposition Highlights

Each of the Propositions included with your 2011 Election package contains changes to our governing documents.

Top 10 Reasons to vote FOR all three propositions:

10 More Landscaping Options
9 Better Trained Board Members
8 Power to Recall Directors
7 Term Limits for Directors
6 Owners Bill of Rights
5 Definition of Public View
4 Propose Changes to Governing Documents
3 Sound Financial Decisions
2 More Choices in Roof Color
1 It’s your right and duty to vote.
If you don’t vote, don’t complain.

Property Owners Get More Control of the Residential Association: Propositions 1 and 2 give property owners much more control over the Residential Association, such as requiring advanced notification to property owners when the Association wants to change the Architectural Guidelines or other rules. Proposition 1 also includes a Property Owners Bill of Rights that specifically states, “A member has a right to the peaceful use and enjoyment of his/her property” and protects the owners’ right to vote and to inspect Association files regarding their property. Proposition 3 provides owners options to install sustainable architecture such as solar panels and a wider range of roof colors.

Owner-friendly Guidelines: The Architectural Guidelines in Proposition 3 were put together by property owners like you. These volunteers are our friends and neighbors and they took on the task of drafting new Guidelines that give all of us greater latitude in the choices we make to maintain and improve our home. Among the improvements they have made are a wider selection of roof colors, elimination of the requirement for two trees in even the smallest of yards and the ability to apply new, environmentally friendly technologies such as solar panels.

Term Limits: If the propositions pass no one individual can serve more than three terms as a director on any of the three boards (Residential, Commercial and Master) that govern Valley Ranch or on any combination of the three. This protects members from a small group with its own agenda gaining control of the Association. You’ve heard it said that “politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and for the same reason” – well that applies here, too!

Power to Recall Directors: That’s right – your directors are encouraging you to vote for a proposition that gives you the power to remove any or all of them if you don’t think they are properly representing your interests. That puts real power in your hands. If the propositions are passed any home owner will be empowered to initiate a petition to remove any Residential Director for any reason.

Property Owner Ballot Initiatives: The right of individuals to place items on the ballot in elections is fundamental in our American democracy. Just think of all the initiatives we see on the ballot in state elections – yet property owners can’t do the same thing right here in our own Association. The propositions can change that, but only if we get enough votes to pass them.

Influence on Architectural Guidelines: If you want to have a voice in the Architectural Guidelines that we must follow, you need to vote for the propositions. They change the Association’s governing documents to require that changes to the Guidelines or other Association rules be made available for property owner comment and critique before they can be implemented.

Action Center

Contact us for your Voter ID and Password to vote online.
Ready to cast your vote? Vote Now at Big Pulse.
Have questions? Contact us.
Want the Board to vote on our behalf? Download the Proxy Form, print it, fill it out, and return it to Association office so that the Association receives the proxy no later than noon central time on October 31st, 2011.
Special Edition Newsletter from August, 2011.
Executive Summary on Propositions 1, 2, and 3
Proposition 1
12th Amendment to the Declaration of CC&Rs
Proposition 2
6th Amendment to Bylaws of the Residential Area
Proposition 3
Proposed Changes to the Residential Design Guidelines

We Need Your Vote

As of October 15th, 2011, we have received over 3,400 votes out of 3,800 votes required to pass each proposition. It will take at least 51% of all eligible property owner votes to pass these great and important propositions. Proxies are due at the Valley Ranch Association office before noon central time on Monday, October 31st, 2011.  The online voting poll closes at Big Pulse on Monday, October 31st, 2011 at 5:00 PM CST.

Tallies as of 10/15/2011

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16 Responses to Voting Center

  1. guest says:

    Your snitches make claims of “violations”.
    Why can’t the actual person sign the letter that is sent out?
    What are you guys afraid of?

    • Rick Fogerty says:

      Hi Guest,
      Thanks for your comment. Any Valley Ranch resident has the right — and the responsibility — to report a violation if they believe they have seen one. The vast majority of residents do this in a responsible manner, but some, unfortunately do not. That is one reason we have a professional staff to evaluate reports of violations and an Architecural Review Committee to determine if any action needs to be taken.

      Reports are kept anonymous to respect people’s privacy — much the same as the privacy of the person who made this post is repected by not requiring that they sign their name.

    • Steve Adams says:

      Letters regarding possible violations or conditions that need to be corrected are issued by the Association — not by a specific individual. No property owner can issue an official letter to another property owner. The professional staff who evaluate letters of complaint received from members of the Association make a sincere and concerted effort to treat all members fairly — both those who make the complaint and those who receive it. Similarly the Architectural Review Committee makes a concerted effort to review each case fairly and help property owners bring their property in to compliance. You are welcome to attend a Residential Board meeting and address the board regarding any unfair or disrespectful treatment you believe has occured.

  2. Melinda says:

    Too many issues are lumped into these propositions. Although I agree with many of the changes, I do not want to see green roofs in my neighborhood which would be allowed if Prop 1 passes.

    • steveatx says:

      Just about everyone will find things they like in the Guidelines — and some they don’t. The Guidelines were posted for several months for property owners to make suggestions or propose changes and all were considered by the committe of Valley Ranch property-owner volunteers who drafted the Guidelines.

  3. Nancy Stephenson says:

    I believe before people vote there should be clarification as to keeping lawns “alive” year round. If one pays attention to the news here in Dallas, municipalities are asking us to conserve water. I also have some concerns this could in the future be interpreted to read planting rye grass in the winter. I read one thing but I know that I have had neighbors receive letters this week telling them to water more because their lawns are turning brown. This does not make sense since grass will go dormant in harsh conditions and turn green when the weather conditions improve. Next comment. From what I can see, individuals will not be allowed to “babysit” in their homes to help supplement a family income. What happened here? While some of the changes make sense it appears we are going back to the HOA of old with some of these changes. The standard for curb cuts for french drains is not in accordance with City of Irving Code. There are also a few other little changes we all need to be sure we can live with. Read the fine print here.

    • steveatx says:

      The proposed changes are the recommendations of a group of Valley Ranch homeowners who worked long and hard in a sincere effort to make the Guidelines better for homeowners. They include recommendations of turf grasses that are suited to our environment and provisions that allow us to keep our homes competitive with newer communities by adopting new technologies and styles. In-home work such as telecommuting and consulting businesses are allowed and babysitting would seem to fall in that category (an in-home Day Care Center would be a different matter).

      • Nancy Stephenson says:

        There are some very positive changes here. My real concern is the lack of definitions in some cases. Under the current management things may be treated in one manner, in home day care being a good example. Maybe today taking care of one or two children would be OK. When is it considered a “facility? A new board gets elected or a neighbor complains and the intentions become something all together different. The rules are very clear you cannot have people coming and going from your home as a result of working from home. It reminds me too much of how all of this change started. The “alive grass” definition really needs to be more complete. If you would have seen the look on my neighbor’s face you would better understand why I asked this question. These are people who care about their home and community. I called the management office for a definition and was told there was none. I was also told they will come out over grass turning brown right now and send a letter if someone complains. Unfortunately, the message sent to my neighbors was water more and get your grass green even if that was not the intention of the management office. If this drought continues into next year there will be even more lawns going dormant.

  4. Brian Brooks says:

    It’s a step forward that the homeowner is given more control of their property. One issue I have currently is the lack of regard to federal law that have been in place since 1996 that allows the placement of an antenna on my roof for the reception of over-the-air tv broadcast(Telecommunication Act of 1996,sec.207). I received a response from ARC that antennas are not allowed per their rules. The ARC flatly ignored the addendum to the HOA rules or didn’t know about it. The new state law(House Bill 362 signed in to law on 6-21-11) concerning solar panels gives the homeowner the right to place the panels on their roof without much HOA involvement. This law also resticts HOA’s involvement in regulating roofing material. With these law in place, I cannot understand why Proposition 3 is even an issue.

    I noticed Proposition 1 includes these: (b) Antennas. No exterior television, radio or other electronic antenna of any sort or any device of any type shall be erected, constructed, placed or permitted to remain on any portion of an Estate or Improvements constructed thereon without prior written approval of the Architectural Review Committee or the Board of Directors. Notwithstanding the above, the Association may install and maintain an aerial or other apparatus for a master antenna or cable system, should any such master system or systems be utilized and require such exterior antenna or apparatus AND (g) Antennas. No antenna or tower shall be erected on any Estate for any purpose, nor shall any antenna or tower be affixed to the outside of any dwelling on any Estate; except as may be allowed on a temporary basis by the Committee. The Association may only regulate satellite dishes and similar devices to the extent permitted by federal, state, and local law.

    I can’t vote for the propositions when there is clear issues with state and federal laws.

    • steveatx says:

      The proposed Guidelines were drafted last summer and posted for property owner comment last fall. Every comment received was given due consideration and incorporated into the final draft.

      The Guidelines in Proposition 3 were distributed to members of the Residential Association last winter — long before the new state legislation on solar panels and other items had even been proposed. The Association is now working to assure that we are in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local law including the recently passed state legislation.

  5. steveatx says:

    These comments demonstrate the need to have more of our friends and neighbors involved in the management of our Association. There are lots of folks out there with good ideas and their own perspective on how out Association should operate — but if people don’t come forward and get involved the Residential Board and the various committees don’t know until too late what people think. The best way to make this a better Association is for more of us to get involved.

  6. Nhan Trinh says:

    Where can I learn more what are these propositions about? Is there a forum where I can listen about others’ opinion?

  7. steveatx says:

    You can find more information on the propositions on the Valley Ranch home page — under the “Important Links ” heading at the top left corner, click on “Documents”. In the list that comes up scroll down to the 11th item — “2011 Election — and select. You will get a menu that allows to you view an Executive Summary and each of the three propositions. You also recently received a newsletter and several post cards with brief summaries of the propositions.

    There is an Open House scheduled for Sept. 15 from 5:30 to 7:00 at the Association office. You are welcome to come by and learn more from volunteers and/or board members — and to stay for the meeting of the Residential Board that begins at 6:30.

  8. It seems odd that bermuda grass and rye did not make the recommended glass list as they are the most common and practical summer/winter grasses for this area. Buffalo grass is not perfect as it is easily invaded by bermuda and st augustine, shade intolerant, and semi-dormant (read brown) in the middle of summer. I did like reading that Bradford Pear is on the not recommended list.

    • Sue Wille, GoGreen Committee says:

      Kristin, when we were updating the landscape guidelines, we consulted with our landscape contractor and other resources, most of whom recommended the grasses that we included. Zoysia was highly recommended over Bermuda, and Buffalo grass is an option that many people like. We didn’t mention Rye because it is an annual that is generally used by those who like a green lawn all winter, and the maintenance that goes with it. Please note that because something isn’t on the list of recommended plants does not mean it isn’t approved. I’m glad you approved of our thumbs down on Bradford Pears. We have some sad specimens all around town, dying before our eyes!

  9. JackieK says:

    Everyone knew when they purchased their home or leased that we have and HOA. I understand that everyone has different personalities but we want to keep the neighborhood looking nice. Dimensional roofs are a little overrated but also our neighborhoods don’t need old cars and boats sitting in front of your neighbors houses because you don’t want to be considerate or your trash flying all over the place or antennaes interferring with reception in other homes. We want to keep our neighborhood a place we can be proud; not ashamed.

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